3 Demonstrations

by Jon From The Moon

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released July 28, 2012

written and home-recorded by Jonathan A. Berz



all rights reserved


Jon From The Moon Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Yours
sometimes I cut my hair short
sometimes I let it go long
sometimes I’m quick to retort
sometimes to admit that I’m wrong
some days I plan the attack
some days I’m floating through space
some days I stay in the sack
other days I’m all over the place

I’m a lot of things
to a lot of people
but today
all I wanna be
is yours

sometimes I feel misunderstood
sometimes I don’t wanna be seen
sometimes I do all that I should
sometimes I ignore the routine
some days I’m lost in the weeds
other days I’m one with the world
some days I’m stuck to the screens
other days I’m watchin’ the squirrels

I’m a lot of things
to a lot of people
but today
all I wanna be
is yours

I got a thousand dreams
but I’m lost and feeble
all my days
all I wanna be
is yours
Track Name: Are You Gonna Beat Around The Bush?
all sounds say somethin’
some just say a little more
we all take our time
choosin’ what to hear and know

how ya gonna spend your minutes?
how ya gonna creep along?
are ya gonna push the limits?
or are ya gonna putz around?

are you gonna beat around the bush?
everybody’s got someone they’d like to beat around
are you gonna do the best you could?
everybody’s got their eyes and ears toward the ground
are you gonna flee from the absurd?
everybody’s got somethin’ tryin’ to keep ‘em down
are you gonna beat?

all words mean somethin’
some for peace and some for war
we all learn our lines
playin’ out our picture shows

how ya gonna seed the seasons?
how ya gonna strike the chords?
how ya gonna make a livin’?
how ya gonna mind the store?

are you gonna beat around the bush?
Track Name: Get Your Dues
time and sound
I never did find my way around
until I met the light
the weather’s no better without the clouds
that sure obscure the sights

you’re waitin’ for a savior sent from above
you’re holdin’ out for when the push comes to shove
you’re on the record and it fits like a glove
you’re wearin’ leather and you’re high as a dove
you’re hot ‘n’ ready and you’re fallin’ in love

you’re gonna get your dues

tied and bound
you never did mind your lost and found
and still you kill the night
up and down
you’re runnin’ in circles all over town
and lookin’ for a fight

you’re under pressure and you’re down on your luck
you’re discontented with the bang for your buck
you’re undiscovered with your feet in the muck
you’re runnin’ out of needed patience and pluck
you’re underwater and you don’t give a fuck

you’re gonna get your dues